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This workshop aims primarily at bringing the researchers, from ITU and University of Nottingham, who are interested in the interaction between labour markets, trade and FDI together and providing a forum to discuss their research.  The secondary purpose is to facilitate collaboration between the institutions and researchers from both ends.

Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Management,
Macka, Istanbul

Assist. Prof. Dr. Saime Suna Kayam

e-mail: kayams@itu.edu.tr
Phone: +90 212 2931300/2070

fax    : +90 212 2407260



Thursday, 1 October:

Openning Session
9:00- 9:30

Welcome Speech:
Öner Günçavdı
(Director of ESRC and Dean of Faculty of Management)

Keynote Speech:
Demographic Endowments, Labour Markets,Trade and Capital Flows

Serdar Sayan (TOBB University of Economics and Technology)
Morning Session   9:30-13:00

Labour Markets and FDI I

Foreign-owned plants and job security

Martyn Andrews (University of Manchester), Lutz Bellmann (Institut für Arbeitsmarkt- und Berufsforschung, Thorsten Schank (Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg) and Richard Upward (University of Nottingham and GEP)

Discussant: Suut Doğruel (Marmara University)

Can FDI Be A Panacea For Unemployment? The Turkish Case
Mehtap Hisarcıklılar (Istanbul Technical University), Derya Gültekin-Karakaş (Istanbul   Technical University) and Ahmet Atıl Aşıcı (Istanbul Technical University)

Discussant: Kamil Yılmaz (Koç University)

The Role of Human Capital In Productivity Spillovers from FDI: An Empirical Analysis on Turkish Manufacturing Firms
Seda Köymen and Selin Sayek Böke (Bilkent University)

Discussant: Peter Wright (University of Nottingham)

Afternoon Session   14:00-17:30

Labour Markets and FDI II:

Foreign Direct Investment and Productivity Spillovers: Identifying Linkages through Product-based Measures
Erol Taymaz (Middle East Technical University) and Kamil Yılmaz (Koç University)

Discussant: Selin Sayek Böke (Bilkent University)

FDI, the Brain Drain and Trade: Channels and Evidence
Artjoms Ivlevs (University of Nottingham) and Jaime de Melo (University of Geneva)

Discussant: Serdar Sayan (TOBB University of Economics and Technology)

Impact of Foreign Competition on Outward FDI from Developing and Transition Economies
Saime Suna Kayam (Istanbul Technical University and ESRC)

Discussant: Fatma Doğruel (Marmara University)

Friday, 2 October:

Morning Session   9:30-13:00

Labour Markets and Trade I

Employment, Job Turnover and Trade in Producer Services: Firm-Level Evidence
Alex Hijzen (OECD and GEP), Mauro Pisu (OECD and GEP), Richard Upward (University of Nottingham and GEP) and Peter Wright (University of Nottingham and GEP)

Discussant: Erhan Artuç (Koç University)

Openness to Trade and Unemployment in Turkish Manufacturing Sector
Öner Günçavdı (Istanbul Technical University and ESRC), Mehtap Hisarcıklılar (Istanbul            Technical University) and Haluk Levent (Galatasaray University)

Discussant: İpek İlkkaracan Ajas (Istanbul Technical University)

A Structural Empirical Approach to Trade Shocks and Labor Adjustment: Euler Equation versus Maximum Likelihood Based Estimators
Erhan Artuç (Koç University) and John McLaren (University of Virginia)

Discussant: Alpay Filiztekin (Sabanci University)

Afternoon Session   14:00-17:30

Labour Markets and Trade II

The Implications of Trade Liberalization for the Unemployment Elasticity of Wages
İpek İlkkaracan Ajas (Istanbul Technical University), Haluk Levent (Galatasaray University) and Sezgin Polat (Galatasaray University)

Discussant: Richard Upward (University of Nottingham)

The Evolution of Global Immigrant Links
Chris Parsons (University of Nottingham)

Discussant: Haluk Levent (Galatasaray University)